Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Oakley Battle Clips?

A: Oakley Battle Clips is a national surf video competition designed to elevate the best young surfing talent in Australia. The competition will formalise the fierce video battle that plays out daily on social media by offering all Australian surfers and surf filmers, a chance to win $20,000 cash plus prizes including $5,000 worth of Nikon camera gear and an expenses paid trip to Hawaii to feature in the Oakley Battle Clips film.

Q: How do I enter Oakley Battle Clips?

Complete competition registration form available at here and download the Oakley Battle Clips ‘entry pack’ consisting of music and Oakley Battle Clips bumpers. It is mandatory that all entries use only the music provided. This music has been purchased by the Promoter and is officially cleared for digital use. Use of this music by Entrants for the purposes of this competition is free of charge.

Upload your 1 min video clip complete with Oakley Battle Clips bumpers and cleared music to your personal Instagram page to complete your entry into the qualification round.

Your Instagram account must NOT be set to "Private" - this will prevent your uploaded clip from appearing as an entry in our system (more info)
All entries must be tagged with the following:


Share your clip on Facebook and encourage likes, comments and shares to increase your chances of winning!

Top 16 qualifiers will advance to the next round – Man-on-Man Battles. You will be contacted directly by mySURF and will be required to provide the following additional clips over email:

1 clip of your ‘Best Air’
1 clip of your ‘Best Barrel’
1 clip of your ‘Best Turn’

mySURF will edit this footage into side-by-side battle format footage and supply it to you to post on your personal Instagram and share on Facebook.

Top 8 surfers will advance to the Semi-Finals. You will be contacted by mySURF and will be required to provide one clip of your ‘Best Ride’ (think futuristic combinations, big waves, long rides).

Top 4 surfers will progress to the Final. You will be flown to Hawaii to film the Oakley Battle Clips surf film in which you will have a 2-3min part which will be judged. The finalists will be notified by 23rd November and will be required to travel to Hawaii from the 5th to 19th December 2017.

The Oakley Battle Clips film will premiere at a special screening in Newcastle at the Nudie Australian Board Rider’s Battle final in Newcastle on February 16th 2018 where the overall winner will be announced!

Q: Can filmers enter this competition?

A: Yes, filmers can enter this competition provided you have the written consent of the surfer you would like to represent. You are also required to enter the surfer’s details into the registration form.

Q: How old do I have to be to enter this competition?

A: Surfers must be 29 years and under as of 16th February 2018. There is no age restriction for filmers, however the surfer named on the registration form must be aged 29 years and under as of 17th February 2018.

Q: What nationality must I be to enter this competition?

A: Surfers and filmers must be Australian citizens to be eligible for this competition. Proof of eligibility may be requested by the promoter at any time during or after the competition.

Q: Can filmers win the cash prize?

A: For the purposes of awarding the prizes, only the person named as the surfer on the competition entry form can be awarded the cash and trip prizes, and only the person named as filmer on the competition entry form can be awarded the Nikon prize. If there is no filmer nominated on the registration form, the Nikon prize will be awarded to the surfer.

Q: Do I have to attend the Hawaii film shoot?

A: In order to compete in the final, talk part in the Oakley Battle Clips film shoot from the 5th to 19th December and the chance to win the grand prize, it is mandatory that the registered surfer attend the Hawaii trip. The Hawaii trip will be awarded to the four finalists as a prize.

Q: What if I can’t attend the final round in Hawaii?

A: If you’re unable to attend the Oakley Battle Clips film shoot in Hawaii, your place in the finals will be retracted and offered to the next place entrant.

Q: Are filmers required to attend the Oakley Battle Clips Film shoot in Hawaii

A: No, filmers are not required to attend the film shoot in Hawaii.

Q: Can I use old and seen before footage?

A: Yes, there is no restriction to the age or exclusivity of the content supplied for this completion. If you have a great existing edit, all you need to do is edit in the Battle Clips bumpers and music provided in the competitor’s pack which is available upon registration.

Q: Can I use my own music in my Qualification round edit?

A: No. It is a condition of entry that all entrants use the music supplied in the competitors pack available upon registration. This music if free of charge to competitors and carries all of the required licensing.

Q: I have more questions, who should I contact?

A: Please direct any further questions or comments you have to us via email: [email protected]. We will get back to you at our earliest possible convenience.